Two Rotaractors and One Rotarian from Cyprus participated in Boston for the HNMUN 2016 Conference

HNMUN stands for the Harvard National Model United Nations. This year the 62nd took held in Boston of United States.

Two Rotaractors and One Rotarian from Cyprus were selected among the 15 delegates.

Burak Berk Doluay, Karine Makarian and Maria Kapari sharing with us their experience.


12747311_10208042861085570_5158677851243148438_o12764637_10208042842885115_7727877876263435242_o“ It was an amazing experience, I had the chance to create amazing friendships which I inspired a friend of mine to join Rotaract, explored Boston and attend one of the biggest MUN conferences with 3000 participants. I don’t feel so lucky for felt the -22 Celsius, which was a record since 1934 but even that is something that you only live it once “ – Burak Berk Doluay 


” On Christmas evening last year, I got an unexpected email from the United Nations Youth Student Association in Cyprus (UNYSA) saying that I was chosen to be part of the Cyprus delegation to the 62nd Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) in Boston, USA!

The conference was to take place from the 11th until the 14th of February, so one could definitely count on 4 days filled with intense debates and a lot of lobbying, and indeed, that is what was offered. Many hours were spent discussing issues of great importance in current affairs and drafting a resolution that would be later voted on. What made the HNMUN stand out from the rest, was the quality of participants and the level of realism the conference brought about.

All in all, Model UN’s are something that every student should at least experience once in their academic career. Apart from giving a valuable insight as to how the real United Nations works, it is also a great platform to hone in your public speaking, debating and networking skills all the while, enriching your knowledge and life experiences.” – Karine Makarian


12767345_10208577842905888_1756823208_n12788040_10208577843225896_1617988401_n” On 11th-14th of February I had the honor to participate at the first Cyprus Delegation on the 62nd Harvard National Model United Nation Conference. During the conference I represented Israel at the Historical General Assembly of 1979. During the session, we had the chance to evaluate whether or not an invasion and occupation of another country can be retroactively justified if the invasion ends genocide, under the auspices of the Vietnamese Intervention in Cambodia. Unfortunately, at the end of the session we did not reach any Resolution proving only again the fact that such issues cannot be resolved within three days but it takes time and willingness from all parts in order to reach a worldwide peace.” – Maria Kapari





RYLA on 5th of March, 2016 at European University of Cyprus in Nicosia

Unleashing the Power of …. Communication!!!

Speaking for Positive Change

March 5th , 2016 at European University of Cyprus

Facilitated by Toastmasters Crusaders

This interactive conference is for anyone between the ages of 17 to 30, who is interested in using the power of communication

to working with others, to solve the problems in our society, to sell him/her self and gain the strength of speaking!!!!

Slide 1

Participants will be inspired by keynote speakers, and activity leaders. Participants will be assisted by experienced mentors to develop and present their ideas.

This event is hosted by Cyprus Rotary and is free of charge. It will be held at the European University, and conducted in English. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance. All those interested kindly call on 99660809 or email; and complete the application form from the link below.

Απελευθερώστε τη δύναμης της.. . Επικοινωνίας! Η δύναμη του λόγου!!!

Η Ομιλία δύναμη στην θετική αλλαγή!!!

 Η διαδραστική αυτή ημερίδα απευθύνεται σε νέους ηλικίας 17 έως 30, που ενδιαφέρονται να βιώσουν την εμπειρία της αλληλο-συνεργασίας και της ομαδικότητας χρησιμοποιώντας την δύναμη του λόγου και της ομιλίας για να μπορούν να επικοινωνούν αποτελεσματικά δουλεύοντας με άλλους, προτείνοντας  λύσεις στα προβλήματα της κοινωνίας , προτείνοντας τον εαυτό τους με τον καλύτερο τρόπο και αποκτώντας την δύναμη της επικοινωνίας!!!

Οι Ομιλητές, και ομαδάρχες θα εμπνεύσουν τους συμμετέχοντες που με την βοήθεια έμπειρων συμβούλων θα αναπτύξουν και θα παρουσιάσουν τις ιδέες τους στο τελευταίο μέρος του Συνεδρίου.

Η Ημερίδα αυτή φιλοξενείται από την Κυπριακό Ρόταρυ και η συμμετοχή είναι δωρεάν. Θα πραγματοποιηθεί στο Ευρωπαϊκό Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου, και θα είναι στην αγγλική γλώσσα. Τα εργαστήρια και οι παρουσιάσεις θα μπορούν να γίνουν και στην Ελληνική γλώσσα αν η ομάδα το προτιμά. Οι συμμετέχοντες θα λάβουν πιστοποιητικό παρακολούθησης. Οι ενδιαφερόμενοι παρακαλούνται να επικοινωνήσουν με το 99660809 ή στο email; και να συμπληρώσουν την αίτηση εγγραφής από τον πιο κάτω σύνδεσμο.

Application Form: please complete and send in before February 20th.


Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is one of the MOST important programs of Rotary International relating to YOUTH SERVICE. A few links below will give you further information.

(Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is a leadership development program run by Rotary. While participants can be any age, most events focus on secondary school students, university students, or young professionals. RYLA events are typically 3–10 days long and include presentations, activities, and workshops that cover a variety of topics, including: Leadership fundamentals and ethics, Communication skills, Problem solving and conflict management, Community and global citizenship)

Cyprus Rotary is organising a one day RYLA with a Most Original Programme. If is aimed at youth from 17 to 30 years of age and it will be Presented and Fulfilled by Young Professionals.

For information on:

Rotary club in Cyprus

Rotary in District 2452

Rotaract in Cyprus

Rotaract in District 2452

Interact program:


Winter REM 2016 – St. Petersburg

What happens when 450 enthusiastic Rotaractors, from 46 different countries, from all 5 continents, meet at -26oC, in St. Petersburg?

First of all, not having fun is inevitable! The Winter Rotaract European Meeting this year took place in St. Petersburg, Russia from the 7th-10th of January 2016.

E.R.I.C. Country Representatives (CRs), and Rotaractors from all over the world attended the conference to discuss our countries’ and districts’ projects, events and meetings.

FB_IMG_1452530487664On Thursday, the CRs had the chance to get to know each other better during the Networking dinner organized by the HOC. On the same night, Rotaractors celebrated the birthday of RAC St. Petersburg by dancing the night away at the Sky Bar, located on the 18th floor of the Azimut Hotel.

The next morning, the CRs attended teambuilding workshops including “The importance of working in a team” and “Ethics in Rotaract and Rotary”. Rotaractors are well known for their teamwork and leadership skills, as well as their good ethos and character. ERIC IT Officer Caroline Ribi Zappi provided us with case studies and discussed ethics in Rotaract clubs.

After the REM Session, the CRs were given a city tour around white St. Petersburg. We had the chance to walk on the frozen Neva River, see the magnificent Church of Savior on the Spilled Blood, and pass by the Parliament and the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. I was extremely impressed by the beautiful architecture of the city while the snow made the landscapes even prettier. Following the city tour, we prepared the country booths, where everyone had the chance to taste traditional products from different countries. Finally, the opening ceremony took place at the Aurora Concert Hall and it looked a lot like a Eurovision night, with all the countries’ flags, performances by Russian dancers and music!

On Saturday morning, the CRs attended the second REM session, during which Edoardo Guida, gave us updates on the upcoming EUCO, which will take place between the 20th and the 24th of April 2016. Following that, the CR of Greece, Antonios Oikonomidis, gave us a presentation about autumn REM 2016, which will take place in Athens on the 6th-9thof October. The candidacies for winter REM 2016 were presented. CRs voted that the winter REM 2017 will take place in Bratislava, Slovakia. During the two REM sessions, non-CRs had the chance to explore the city and mingle with other Rotaractors.

Events not to be missed:

  1. Rotaract International Ski Week 2016: March 5th-12th in St. Moritz. Choose a package at
  2. German Rotaract Trip: 25th April – 4th of May 2016. Apply now at

The autumn REM 2016 ended with a Gala Dinner at Bellini, during which we also celebrated New Year.

If you haven’t already been convinced that traveling with Rotaract is an amazing experience, let me tell you one more thing: Join me at the next one and you will understand what I mean!

Katerina Menelaou,

ERIC Cyprus Representative 2015-2016




Fellowship weekend on 5th – 7th February 2016


This year Rotaract Cyprus is organizing a Pancyprian fellowship in an agriculture location, set amidst lovely courtyards on the slopes of Tochni village, at Cyprus Traditional Holiday Houses.

Join us for a fun 2-day or 3-day fellowship weekend full of interesting activities, games and bonding. Friday 5th of February 2016 is optional, if you want to chill and bond and avoid Saturday morning arrival!!!

We promise you an unforgettable weekend: this time we will ensure you spent a relaxed weekend away from your busy schedule.

ACCOMODATION & FOOD PLAN RATES (per person/per night)

Double Occupancy* for Half Board – rate is 50 EURO
*Double Occupancy is an upgraded one bedroom apartment with a double bed for 2 people with kitchen and shared bathroom

Single Occupancy** for Half Board – rate is 70 EURO
**Single Occupancy is an upgraded two bedroom apartment 2-4 people with kitchen, shared bathroom and terrace

(Prices includes breakfast and one food plan either lunch or dinner)

All apartments reserved for Rotaract Cyprus are upgraded into bedroom apartments and are next to common areas.

Deadline for Fellowship Registrations and Room Bookings will be until Friday 29th of January.

Please send an email to with the participation names and dates, as well as with your choosen room-mate.


Friday 5th of February (Optional)
Arrive at Tochni any time of the day after 14:0

Relax and meet with Rotaractors, play games
Dinner at the Hotel

Saturday 6th of February


Treasure Hunt Game for Rotaractors & Friends
Teambuilding Games & Activities
Dinner in a Taverna

Sunday 7th of February – Optional Outdoor Activities 
1. Hiking by Alexandros Daskalakis at 11:00  (free)
2. Halloumi making
3. Pourekia cooking
4. Bike rentals
5. Horse riding
6. Spa & wellness


For the above outdoor activities prices will be uploaded in the upcoming days…

For more info please contact Rotaract Cyprus 


Another Rotaractor in the 62nd Harvard National Model United Nations in USA

Good news are travelling fast!! We just found out that Another Rotaractor is selected for the 62nd Harvard National Model United Nations, Karine Makarian.

12459765_10207212288638913_412434150_nKarine Makarian is a 2nd year student of International Relations and European Studies at the University of Nicosia. Currently she is a student assistant at the Careers Office of the Student Affairs Department at the university. She is a Member of Rotaract Club of the University of Nicosia since 2015.

Rotaract Cyprus is very proud of you Karine. Wish you all the success and it is a great honor that you represent Cyprus.

Looking forward to hear your experience in this mission!


A Cypriot Rotaractor in the 62nd Harvard National Model United Nations in USA

We are delighted to a12122940_1074236392609145_8311819774833842588_n-1nnounced that among the 15 delegates selected for the 62nd Harvard National Model United Nations a Cypriot Rotaractor will be among them, Burak Berk Doluay.

Burak Berk Doluay is a last year International Business Management Student in GAU. He have been working with his Family in Advertisment business for the past 5 years. He is a member of Rotaract Club of Kyrenia Liman Since 2012.
His Past Rotaract Experinces are as follows:

  • International committee director of Rotaract Club of Kyrenia Liman
  • Rotaract Cyprus Social Media Administrator
  • Rotaract MED MDIO country representative for Cyprus.
  • Project Coordinator of Rotaract MED MDIO For Syrian Children.
  • and Founder of Rotaract BDP (

On the 11th until the 14th of February, 15 delegates via the positions provided to UNYSA will attend the conference in Boston to represent Cyprus, which has already received wide media coverage. The conference is one of the most high profile youth academic events globally for students and fosters very high caliber debates with extensive research.

Rotaract Cyprus wants to Congratulate each person that selected for this conference but most important wants to Congratulate Burak Berk Doluay for this achievement. This conference has nothing to do with Rotaract but it has to do with leadership and represent Cyprus. Rotaract Cyprus is very proud of you..

We will wait to hear your experience in this mission!

2nd Cyprus Rotaract Academy

Saturday 14th of November, the 2nd Cyprus Rotaract Academy took place in the Buffer Zone in Nicosia at Goethe Institut from 14:00 in the af12243315_921405094591398_4628297857324962107_nternoon till 19:30. More than 80 rotaractors & guests participated.

A wonderful ROTARACT experience, discussed the principals behind Rotaract, how to improve ourselves, our organization and our global community. At the end of the event there was a project competition between teams in which everyone voted for the best community project.

3rd International Charity Tennis Tournament organized by Rotary Larnaca Kition

Sunday 25th of October it was the last day of the tennis tournament in Larnaca Tennis Club.

The 5-days tournament organized for a third year by Rotary Larnaca Kition and the net proceeds will be used for the creation of a park for children with physical disabilities in Larnaca.



District Governor Mustafa Nasereddin visited Limassol for Larnaka & Limassol Clubs


District Governor Mustafa Nasereddin in Cyprus

Rotaract Clubs of Nicosia & Kyrenia met DG Mustafa Nasereddin on Sat 17th of Oct

Today Saturday 17th of October Rotaract Cyprus clubs met with District Governor Mustafa Nasereddin in Hilton Hotel in Nicosia.

Presidents, board directors and members represent each club of Nicosia & Kyrenia: Rotaract Club of Nicosia, Rotaract Club of Nicosia Ledra, Rotaract Club of Nicosia Aspelia, Rotaract Club of University of Nicosia sponsored by RI Nicosia Aspelia, Rotaract Club of Kyrenia Liman, Rotaract Club of Kyrenia St. Hilarion and show their support not only to their club but to Rotaract and Rotary International.

There we had the chance to meet Deputy District Governor Litsa Aresti and Assistant Governor Iacovos Konstantinides. 

During the meeting the Presidents had the chance to talk with District Governor about their vision of this Rotary year 2015-16, their planned projects and how they can engage membership in Rotaract & Rotary.

We spent an amazing morning with District Governor Mustafa and Rotary Cyprus team, envision us about Rotary & Rotaract, how we can adjust leadership development programs into our projects and our impact to community. How we can develop ourselves and then develop Rotaract, Rotary, not only in a Cyprus level but in a District and International level.

We need to work together to create BIG things not only in our community but in the District as well. And above all to Service above self.

Rotaract Cyprus would like to thank Mrs Caterina Kalavas, the Cyprus Membership Extension Chair for her support to us and being visited most of our meetings and events.