The main purpose of the Med MDIO is to develop international relationships between clubs and districts all over the Mediterranean region.


The organization exists for the following objectives:

  • facilitate communication between Rotaract clubs in the Mediterranean Districts
  • provide assistance and support to the District Rotaract Representatives
  • assist with training for the incoming District Rotaract Representatives in accordance with the policies of Rotary International
  • disseminate and exchange information among the represented Rotaract Districts and Clubs in the Mediterranean region
  • foster international contacts among Rotaractors
  • encourage Rotaractors to work together in international projects

President’s Welcome Note

Eversince I waveras a young girl, I always dreamed of changing in the world around me, of making people aware that I came to this world for a reason. I always told myself that I do not want to leave this world without helping humanity, without making a difference. I originate from a country that knew war, that was to be exterminated, but my ancestors decided to live. They moved from Armenia without knowing the country that they were going to. It was by chance that their boats reached the coasts of Lebanon, and so, after many generations, I came to life to be the girl of a Lebanese father and a Syrian mother. Yes, I am the child of war, and I am willing, with the help of the Mediterranean Rotaractors, with all our faith and strength, to work for peace. Here I am, a Rotaractor! More particularly, I am a Mediterranean Rotaractor who has been given the chance to hold the Mediterranean Rotaract torch and lead it. What I wish is that my team and I would make this difference that we all carry in our spirits.

This is our time, this is our chance! Our resources are all there: we have the most motivated team ever with so many creative ideas, we have extremely interacting districts and clubs that are so willing to communicate and accomplish what Rotary International has placed between our hands. Rotary is giving us the chance to make the world a better place, and I believe that we should make the best out of it.

Yes, it is the truth. It is fair to all concerned. It will build goodwill and friendship, and it will be beneficial to all concerned. The Mediterranean is waiting for us, it is all there for us. Let’s go ahead and make it a better place.


Vera Damerjian

Rotaract Med MDIO President 2014-2016


The Cyprus Country Representative for 2015 – 2016 is Burak Berk Doluay


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