Welcome message by District Rotaract Representative Emil J. Moawad

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My fellows in Service,

“The future promise of any nation can be directly measured by the present prospects of its YOUTH”.

This truly gives us a big responsibility, and what Rotaract is doing around the world, is giving the opportunity for the youth to develop their skills to become the future leaders of our communities for the generations to come.

Based on that, we all have a great vision for Rotaract in our countries and in our district. And with our dedication and with our commitment as members, the Rotaract Clubs of Cyprus and District 2452 are working together as ONE identity on more developed strategies providing continuity to what set in the previous years.

Besides working on our main avenues of service, we are focusing this year on Training, Awareness and Membership development as a main objective, in order to have more and more effective Rotaractors achieving greater impact in our societies.

Our focus on branding is also necessary, especially with our new visual identity which includes the Rotary Wheel Mark of Excellence emphasizing on the fact that we are Rotary Club Partners.

As I always tell everyone around me, “I do not believe that Rotaract will change the world, but Rotaract develops people who will change the world”.

Let us show everyone what being part of Rotaract really means, and show them how proud we are to be Rotaractors.

Let’s give of ourselves with the Rotaract spirit we all ought to have and all of us together “SERVE ABOVE SELF”.

This is our time as young people. Let us grasp it. Let us lead by example, lead by actions and be a Gift to the World.

Emil J. Moawad

District Rotaract Representative 2015-2016

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